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    Profoto is a Swedish company known for their exceptional, quality-first products relied upon by countless professionals the world over. If you want to impress the art director, show up with Profoto lights as your clients will know immediately you mean business.

    Keeping in line with the quality of Profoto products, the Acute/D4 Ring Flash is a powerful, easy-to-use, and dependable flash unit with a predictable quality of light. That last point is important. Most flashes vary, at least a little, in the quality of light they produce from flash to flash. This usually manifests as slight differences in color temperature and/or power. Profoto flashes, on the other hand, are renowned for their consistency in both regards. Once you dial in your color and exposure, you can set it and forget it and this flash will churn out image after image with identical output.

    When you're onsite where precision and efficiency are paramount due to scheduling and time constraints (common on professional shoots) you want a flash that produces a quality of light you can rely on. The Profoto Actute/D4 Ring Flash is very powerful, a blowtorch that blasts to the tune of 9,600W/s per minute at full tilt putting it in f/45 territory. If you can think up a shooting scenario, the Acute/D4 Ring Flash can light it.

    The Acute/D4 Ring Flash is meant to be used with Profoto's Acute and D4 power supplies and battery packs. It comes with neither, so if you can get past the sticker shock of the ring flash itself you'll still need to budget for a power solution! However, if you can manage it or justify the expense, you'll be the proud owner of a ring flash without peer. All things being equal, there is no better ring flash on the market for those relative lucky few who can afford it. You'll have the creme-de-la-creme of ring flashes and a precision tool to take your ring flash photography to the highest level.Rating: 4.75/5

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