Rabil 99 Ninety-Nine Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Expert Review

This is a shaft that’s all about speed and quickness. Warrior's Rabil 99 is built with the company's exclusive Altium alloy. This improves the strength-to-weight ratio of the handle, so you can react quicker and dodge opponents faster.

Like so many other lightweight alloys on the market, durability comes into question, but attackers want speed instead of strength and you may think that the only power you're going to get with this shaft is in your shot. However, with Titanium introduced in the mix, you need not worry about those durability issues.

The Rabil 99 is sturdy enough for use by the man himself, giving the handle the lightweight aspects you might find in the Warrior Krypto Pro with all the speed to match. This shaft is equipped with a light diamond grip for players who want some extra traction to keep their hands on the stick with more confidence. The company also placed an oversized butt end on the shaft, for giving players more intensity on their shots.Rating: 4/5

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