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    The mighty Rane TTM 57SL has been taken out by its modern successor, dubbed the Sixty-Two. Rane beefed up their line by designing a mixer with MIDI capability and sound effects. Five cue-point buttons assignable to each deck are placed directly on the mixer. For the Serato enthusiast, this mixer comes with it built in! There is no need to pick up an additional audio interface to bridge the digital and analog world - just plug and play. Rane even throws in control records and CDs. Fear not if you prefer another software program, because the 62 comes with extra audio drivers for compatibility with other types. Ranes FlexFX utilizes six internal effects, with the option to plug external analog and computer-based effects, giving you the ability to tweak sounds to your exact liking. This can be applied to any combo of the two Program buses, Mic, and auxiliary feed. The digital crossfader is buttery and resistant to losing performance to spills or dust. Every button, knob, and slider is a MIDI control that can be mapped in Serato or another software application. Because the 62 has two USB ports, mixer MIDI for each deck is only sent and received from the corresponding port. What does this mean? Different mappings can be assigned to each port, for easy switching between configurations and DJs.Rating: 5/5

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