Really Right Stuff MC-14 Carbon Fiber Monopod

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Expert Review

Really Right Stuff, out of San Luis Obispo, California, have been making very high quality boutique products for a few decades and have established the brand as one of the marquee names in the business. RRS attention to detail, craftsmanship, and functionality, has made their line of camera supports a staple in the professional market with their MC-14 Carbon Fiber Monopod being no exception.

Really Right Stuff's support gear are largely modeled after Gitzo design elements and that includes removable feet, which allows you to take the over-sized rubber feet off and replace them with surface-specific feet like rock claws or spikes. The MC-14 monopod also uses extra-large locking calipers housed in a twist-lock assembly that's also super easy to clean, a boon for those taking pictures off the beaten path or areas near salt water. Since the calipers are extra-large, they just require a few quick twists for a stable lock down.

The MC-14 tripod is Really Right Stuff's "entry-level" monopod, being the smallest of their line, but that's like saying entry-level Ferrari. The MC-14 is a travel class monopod, built to break down to just 16.5 inches for convenient stowage. Additionally, there’s no camera and lens combination that this monopod can't handle with ease. It's conservatively rated at 25 pounds, but it has the potential to handle more than that. Of course, most would be hard-pressed to even come up with 25lbs worth of camera, lens, and mount to test that!

As with all of Really Right Stuff's products, the MC-14 is made in America "right down to the last screw," and offers some of the best customer support around. In fact, when I've had to call the company's support line, the owner himself picked up the phone. Were it not for the price, the MC-34 might have taken the top spot, but, alas, quality does not come cheap! However, if you're in the market for a monopod that's going to last you for the rest of your life, check out the Really Right Stuff MC-14.Rating: 4.75/5