Regal Tip Classic Series 9A Drum Sticks

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Expert Review

Regal Tip's 9A drumsticks are great for creating that Tony William's sound which comes from using bigger sticks. The size of the shafts creates a nice bounce off of the tom heads producing a big open sound while the tips are a combination round/barrel shape producing a very unique cymbal sound.

These sticks are great for creating a dirty Jazz sound with big drums and flat cymbals, have enough size to carry big bands and can easily be used on Rock or Funk tunes. The large shafts create a sharp tick which cuts through the band on rim-clicks and they’ve got a great clave sound when you flip the sticks over for Latin tunes. The shape of the tips prevent chipping and start to take the shape of a tear drop over time which only adds to their articulation. With large shafts equaling greater durability, you really can use one pair of these sticks for years on end.Rating: 4/5

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