Revel C12 Center Channel Speaker

Expert Review

The Revel Concerta series excels in two areas that put it above the competition, and they are the two aspects of a speaker system that are most coveted by true speaker aficionados: soundstage and neutrality. Speakers of this price will exhibit excellent detail retrieval, as one might hope, but the realism conveyed by the C12's combination of a wide open sonic image and tonal accuracy is hard to contest. Though it perhaps isn't as immediately impressive as the familiar warm, bassy sound that has been popularized by Klipsch, or as sharp and exciting as the bright, hyper-analytical approach taken by Bowers & Wilkins, the impressive naturalness of the sound of Harman's pet speaker brand is something that will be appreciated by anyone who has spent serious time with a system that is as colored as some of the other options in this list. While audiophiles and music lovers will often prefer a more colored sound to lend excitement to music, the Revel C12 delivers a level of realism and accuracy that is at its best accompanied by a large 1080p screen and BluRay disk to create a truly realistic home theater experience, and for this purpose, it has no peer in its price range.Rating: 5/5

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