Revel Performa F208 Speaker

Expert Review

The F208 is my top choice in midrange dynamic speakers for those who want their speakers for both music and movies. It is easily the most technically capable speaker in this review: while its bass doesn't punch as hard as the RF7-II, it is more natural, carries more realistic weight, and extends deeper. And while it doesn't sound quite as airy and spacious as the Electromotion ESL, its presentation is notably more realistic, as its dynamic drivers avoid the occasionally artificial feel that the emphasized speed and hyper-accentuated detail of electrostatic panels.

The midrange is beautiful, maintaining near-perfect neutrality and sporting seriously impressive levels of detail. Instruments like saxophone and electric guitar sound positively romantic, and are given a pleasant fullness by the F208's stellar bass performance. Its treble is exceptionally smooth, more so than any speaker on this list, and still manages to highlight details in a manner comparable to more expensive high-end kit. It isn't an extremely spacious sound, and soundstage junkies will probably choose electrostats every time, but the F208 does everything else better than almost any other sub-$5,000 pair.

If you are looking for a taste of true high-end, but can't stretch over $5,000, the F208 is an excellent choice and will do everything you ask of it: movies, music, and ambience are all handled with ease by Revel's top Performa3 speakers.Rating: 4.75/5

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