Revel Ultima 2 Home Theater Speakers

Expert Review

The Ultima 2 range is known throughout the audiophile community to produce one of the most natural, effortless sounds in the industry. While not as bassy and dynamic as the JBL Synthesis Everest, nor offering the pristine highs and bell-like clarity of the B&W 800D Series, Revels top-of-the-line 7.2 produces smooth, clean sound that is equally impressive with both music and movies. The 7.2 system includes a Voice2 center channel, four Gem2 sattelites, two Salon2 floorstanding speakers, and two Rhythm2 subwoofers. The Salon2 loudspeakers produce extremely rich audio with very impressive bass performance for floorstanding speakers, reaching below 20hz and having noteworthy punch on their own. In concert with the Gem2s, they produce an extremely spacious soundstage with a relaxed sound that is intimate but never overly powerful, shouty, or forward, offering a slightly laid back presentation.

The whole system together yields a smooth, powerful sound that is better suited for a combination of movies and music than the other systems in this review, and while it will never match the sheer power of Project Everest, it is quite simply a very different flavor, and a much more refined and versatile one at that. It is the kind of system that simply disappears into your theater; while Project Everest will draw attention to itself with its enormous speakers and explosive bass performance, and the B&W 800 series will repeatedly excite your ears and leave you in wonderment of the beauty of high-end audio, the Ultima 2 7.2 system will simply become a piece of your home theater that can be taken for granted, a quality that is, paradoxically, easily understated but impossible to overrate. Quite simply, it does absolutely everything a high end home theater system should do, without questioning or highlighting itself. If you really cant pick which sound signature you think youd like best, the Ultima 2 is the ultimate safe bet, and a purchase I doubt any audio enthusiast would ever regret.Rating: 4.25/5

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