Rhythmik Audio F12 Direct Servo Subwoofer

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Expert Review

In my experience, most people buying multi-speaker surround setups do so with their home theater experience in mind, wanting that true surround sound experience that they get in a movie theater, whereas music-obsessed audiophiles tend to lean more towards the private experience of headphones. If, however, youre one of the few who will shell out the big bucks just to hear your lossless tunes in their fullest, most spacious format, and really crave that live music sound more than anything, the Rhythmik F12 is one of your best bets. It doesnt hit quite as hard as, say, the SW-115 at the lowest of lows (20-40 hz), but it is incredibly detailed and tight, and sounds noticeably cleaner than the Klipsch, especially in the midbass. The two occupy opposite ends of the spectrum at this price point, with the Klipsch being the best bet for those trying to recreate full-sized movie theater sound at home, or just shake their foundations, while the F12 achieves impressive SPL with a room-filling sound while remaining as tight as possible. It is an incredibly musical sub, hitting fast and tight while lending just a touch of pleasant warmth to the overall sound of the system it compliments, but never enough to intrude on or discolor the rest of the sound.It tends to sell for $150-$200 more than the ASW610, but if you can stretch your budget and use your system for music more than movies, its worth the extra squeeze.Rating: 4.75/5

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