Rino 655t 2-Way Radio with GPS and TOPO 100K Maps

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    The Rino 655t is the best combination radio/GPS unit available at the moment for the simple fact that it's jam-packed with features. The folks at Garmin have thrown in everything but the proverbial kitchen sink here and while it's expensive, with a retail cost of around $600, you probably won't need to buy another one of its kind for some time. On the two-way radio side, the 655t offers up a full 22 channels on both GMRS and FRS frequencies. You have your choice of channels that access both or just one or the other exclusively. Up to five watts of power five off a strong signal, with a range of 2 miles in FRS and a potential 20 miles of communication range on GMRS. There are 38 squelch codes to keep your conversation unhindered by outside interference and a positioning beam lets other Rino users locate and contact you. This unit even lets you send text messages to other Rino units. The GPS receiver comes preloaded with TOPO 24K maps to give you complete mapping of all 50 states and the integrated microSD slot lets you load more mapping packages and BlueChart cards for mapping water navigation routes. BaseCamp software will help you plan trips and routes with map data in 2D and 3D. There's a whole list of other additional features here as well; a five megapixel camera, a built-in NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather radio for up to the minute alerts and notifications, and altimeter and compass functions. The 655t is also waterproof if you end up in wet weather.Rating: 5/5

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