Rivendell Roadeo Steel Road Bike

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Expert Review

Rivendell’s Roadeo is a speedy, club racer bike; a lightweight and versatile ride with plenty of zip to contest town line sprints and the chutzpah to dress in fenders and scoot down to the local pub on a rainy evening. When asked about the construction and end goal of the Roadeo, Rivendell’s founder, Grant Petersen, said, We wanted to break 20 pounds without using dumb wheels or foolish parts. His team succeeded and created a responsive and safe bike with a geometry and tube layout (notably the longer than typical chain stays) ideal for demanding riding and a complementary, smooth-as-silk ride over long miles.

Live in a wet area, or a place with choppy roads? The Roadeo’s frame setup allows for the use of fenders to make rain-day rides immensely more tolerable, and room for running tires as wide as 35mm for better traction and with a lower pressure, a soft ride over bumpy tread. The Roadeo is recliner-like comfortable too, thanks in large part to bars set higher than is customary, allowing riders to use the drops easier than traditionally constructed frames. This is a huge deal when you are ticking over mile 90 and there are still 20 to go.

Aside from a superb ride feel and lifetime durability, a finely crafted lugged steel bike is an elegant piece of machinery to behold. Rivendell uses proprietary lugs that join tubes in gentle curves and a fork crown befitting, well, royalty. Gleaming paint finishes make these bikes so gorgeous you might get uncomfortable staring at them so long, and graced with Rivendell’s pastoral scene on their iconic head tube badge, you’re sure to be smitten.Rating: 4.5/5

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