Rock Bass Corvette $$ 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

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Bass players of all styles and backgrounds will tell you that Warwick bass guitars are a joy to play in terms of how they feel, but the true root of that makes the Corvette $$ such a great axe is the electronic configuration inside the instrument. Dual MEC humbucking pickups sit very close to one another right in the sweet spot of the bass, and they connect to an active preamp that really drives the sound of this groove machine.

Players can switch between pickup configurations, allowing access to series mode, single, or parallel. You’ll have to play with this to find which sounds you like best, but rest assured that whether you’re looking for bass-heavy boom or more treble-minding, brighter pizzazz, there’s definitely something for everybody here.

The Chinese swamp ash that this guitar is manufactured with gives this guitar its natural resonance and sustaining tone. This bass guitar also has fluorescent side position markers on the neck, which glow in the dark; at least now you’ll never have to give any additional thought to where you’re at on the neck when you’re playing without the stage lights illuminating your axe. A solid brass 2-piece 3D bridge ties this beauty together, giving a solid and accurate transfer of tone and vibration.Rating: 4.75/5

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