Rockpool TARAN Kayak

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Expert Review

The Taran Sea Kayak by Rockpool has a history of touring from the 2011 circumnavigation of Ireland to the 2012 circumnavigation of the entire UK, this sea kayak is designed for the long haul. You dont need to be interested in kayak expeditions to appreciate the design that makes that level of touring possible. The Rockpool Taran is perfect for day touring and surfing. Designed to be a user friendly sea kayak with performance standards in mind, the Taran is fast and dry even in the roughest conditions. The deep V hull at the bow that flattens out to a U shape towards the stern, increasing speed and the Tarans ability to plow through rough seas. The finished cockpit is exceptionally comfortable with a factory fitted seat and Smart Track rudder steering pedals.Rating: 5/5

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