Rotel RCD-1570 CD Player

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Expert Review

Catering to audiophile and casual listener alike, Rotel's RCD-1570 produces a sound that is fun and involving, but also refined and superbly detailed. Utilizing the Wolfson WM8740 DAC, an industry standard once priced at a point only applicable for professional use, the RCD-1570 plays back in up to 24 bits; this might not look as impressive as the numbers from MSB or Cambridges systems on paper, but I believe the vast majority of shoppers looking for a top-notch CD player for a versatile home system will definitely prefer the sound of this Rotel; the aforementioned 32-bit upsampling offerings are geared solely towards professionals and pure-blooded audiophiles looking for accuracy that takes a highly trained ear and very focused listening to discern.

Listeners using anything less than the finest speakers and headphones to listen to recordings that are not of the very best quality will perhaps find that such systems make lesser-quality music sound less desirable. The RCD-1570, on the other hand, has a warm, fun sound that will captivate the average music lover at first listen, yet unlike so many consumer-oriented systems voiced for bass-heavy music, the Rotel never falls prey to sounding muddy or overly warm, and is extremely musical for a system that can produce so much punch; there is no air lacking in its presentation, and it still reveals impressive amounts of detail, even at its price point. The RCD-1570 also features dual-XLR outputs for those using balanced systems; a nice inclusion that demonstrates Rotels attention to budding trends in audiophilia and their sincere desire to cater to their customers.

Overall the RCD-1570 is the most universal and by far the easiest product listed here to recommend: it is as detailed as any but the pickiest listeners could desire, sports a balanced sound signature that sounds great with any kind of music, and has a just smidge of extra bass; whether its pumping out 808 signals to a huge subwoofer, or giving a nice full vibrato to cellos and extra bloom to the timpani streaming through Sennheiser HD800s, it sounds amazing, and is certain to please anyone without a specific preference for a leaner sound.Rating: 4.75/5

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