Royal Sovereign CO-1000

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    The first of two Royal Sovereign coin sorters on our list handles quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies with total control. Capable of sorting 240 mixed coins per minute, the delineated tubes offer one row of wrappers to accept up to 360 coins in full. There's a wide mouth opening that can handle 300 coins at once, so you can freely pour that jar of loose change into the entry hopper and the sorter will organize them quick.

    The CO-1000's anti-jam internal sorting mechanism prevents coins from being stuck and there's even a catch-all tray for those coins that miss the tubes completely; just pull them out, drop them back in. There's also a removable cover to clean the internals or retrieve any errant coins that the unit doesn't accept, like one dollar coins or Canadian currency. Best of all, this unit is priced for any budget, retailing for around $50.Rating: 5/5

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