Sabian HHX 20" Manhattan Jazz Ride

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    Sabian is one of the two biggest cymbal makers in the world, and their HHX line is one of their very best series of cymbals. In particular, their HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride has become the standard for jazz drummers looking for a washy sound. Sabian’s HHX cymbals usually feel better than other cymbals, meaning they are easy to play and let the drummer really enjoy themselves. This cymbal has a dark sound that produces a feel of a classic ride cymbal and many jazz drummers pair this with a dry ride cymbal so they have two different options.

    This is a very wet cymbal with a long sustain and you can really lay into it without the cymbal becoming a mess of overtones. The 20 inch size is perfect for jazz music or lighter rock and there isn’t the traditional articulation of a dry ride, it can produce a clear swing pattern. This cymbal has been crafted thinner than most dry ride cymbals which allows for a sound that’s a little lighter on the ear. A modern, traditional-looking finish makes it perfect for integration into a jazz kit.Rating: 4.25/5

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