Sabian sbr Cymbal Performance Pack

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Expert Review

Sabian’s SBR Performance Set is the best cymbal pack for drummers working with an extremely limited budget. For a relatively small investment, this cymbal set provides you with a 20-inch SBR ride, a 16-inch SBR crash, and 14-inch SBR high-hats. In fact, these SBR cymbals sound better than most entry-level cymbals and are less expensive.

These brass cymbals feature a traditional finish and have a bright sound without sounding too pingy or ticky, while having some depth. These are also a bit thicker and much more durable than other entry level cymbals. This set provides all the basic cymbals needed to start playing at a friendly price, making it perfect for a young drummer figuring out if they’re really interested in drums or not.Rating: 4/5

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