Safer Brand 5730 Wasp and Hornet Killer

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    If you want a little more bang in your natural and eco-friendly wasp killer, try Safer Brand Wasp and Hornet Killer. It is made with all natural pyrethrins, not synthetically made, which means they break down easily in the environment, yet they will do a decent job of killing wasps and wasp nests. The pyrethrins are mixed in with citrus oil, which coats the wasp body, depriving them of oxygen, and it also coats the wasp nest, making the area uninhabitable once it has been sprayed. It sprays out to 15 feet, so always wait until after dark and aim well. Although the natural based pyrethrins will do a good job of killing, they do not posses the speedy knockdown power of the synthetics, so once sprayed, leave the area and allow the pyrethrins to work.Rating: 4/5

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