Saitek Pro Flight Simulator Cockpit for PC

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Expert Review

Although there are a number of great flight control devices on the market, this one is arguably the best yoke-design model. While most of this controller is made from plastic, it has a stainless steel main shaft to ensure durability and keep it operating reliably for a long time. You get 25 buttons on the main controllers which are all programmable with the included software from Saitek, while the yoke itself has axis controls for elevation and aileron control.

The hat switch is perfect for POV control within the cockpit of your simulation or flight game. The separate three lever controller for throttle let you easily control your wing flaps and prop pitch, plus you can mount it in any location at your desk. The yoke connects to a simulation module that includes 10 flight instrument panels which relay different information while playing a flight simulator. These panels include gauges such as airspeed and attitude indicators, an altimeter, and engine gauges. All of this comes together to create a remarkable simulation of flying an airplane.Rating: 5/5