Salsa Cycles Spearfish Carbon 1 Mountain Bike

Expert Review

Gear up and take the line at a 24-hour race or find the longest trail on the map and go. The Salsa Spearfish Carbon 1 gobbles miles with delight, with geometry designed for stability and long-ride comfort. Highlighted by Salsa’s ingenious Split Pivot rear suspension for critical performance boosts and ride quality, the Spearfish also comes spec’d with a stellar component package. FOX cushions front and rear, with 100mm and 80mm respectively, while a Shimano and SRAM team drives the bikes with infallible precision. Thomson also provides some sweet extra toppings with a quality stem and seat post.

Very short chainstays make this bike quick and light on singletrack, and the carbon front triangle and aluminum back end combine for stiffness and ravenous vibration-eating capability. Agile at speed with consistent and reliable traction in turns and hills, the Spearfish fits as good as a tailored suit. The bike accelerates like a sprinter from the blocks and is especially responsive on climbs, with hardtail-esque qualities and springy forward momentum. The lighter rear half of the bike makes it very maneuverable in tight spots and great for whipping turns or frolicking over obstacles. Salsa built a gem with the Spearfish, a super-efficient endurance and race rig, ready to deliver you far and wide.Rating: 4.75/5

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