Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker

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    For making yogurt in bulk, you can't do better than the Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker. You can make a large batch at one time, or even make frozen yogurt since the inner container can be placed in the freezer. This is the easiest to use yogurt maker on the list; simply fill, add culture, plug the unit in, and let it cook. The Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker is temperature controlled, and all you have to do is worry about how much time for making before you want to eat it.

    You can make one bulk batch of regular vanilla yogurt and then flavor each scoop to your liking or make an entire batch of flavored yogurt. You can store the finished yogurt in virtually any container you have available, as long as it has a cover. Rinse out the interior yogurt making container, and you are ready to make another batch. Simple, easy and effective, that's what the Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker is all about.

    Rating: 4.75/5

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    • Anonymous Anonymous

    This item has been discontinued. It is no longer the best available. There is much price gouging on this item.

    Posted on 7/1/2009 5:24 am | Reply
    • Anonymous Anonymous

    The description says it is around $20, but when you go to, it costs $500.  Please put another link up to where I can buy it for $20.  Thank you.

    Posted on 6/9/2009 5:18 am | Reply