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    The older Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers something its larger, newer cousins, the Note 5 and Edge+ do not, a robust 128GB option. If you use a lot of data, the S6 Edge is strongly worth considering. With its camera, Samsung Pay, and biometric security, this phone more than keeps up. Though the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a little longer in the tooth than its larger cousins (the Note 5 and S6 Edge+), the device is still an excellent choice for customers looking for a new smartphone.

    The S6 Edge comes in at 5.1 inches and while not a phablet, many consumers aren’t enamored of the larger screen that comes along with many of the flagship devices. This screen is one of the best of in the industry, with 577 dots per inch. Keep in mind that most print is 300 dpi and the S6 Edge’s screen is almost double that. Text is easier to read at this resolution, as well as images and graphics.

    Like its larger and newer siblings, the S6 Edge sports a 16 megapixel camera. Most agree that it’s among the best in smartphones and one of the best Android cameras out there. It’s also worth noting, especially for serious amateur smartphone photographers, that it comes with optical image stabilization and output to RAW files. Apple only offers OIS in its larger Plus models and does not offer RAW at all.

    The S6 also offers a well-reviewed fingerprint scanner. While previous attempts at biometric security were a mixed bag, Samsung seems to have gotten it right with the S6-series of phones. The phone can also make mobile payments via Samsung Pay, which uses NFC as well as magnetic stripe emulator for greater compatibility with POS systems that Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

    In addition the S6’s design is like its larger sibling, abandoning battery access and data expandability via microSD cards for a sealed glass and metal design. Most reviews agree it makes for a more pleasing device, but look at any comment section about the new phones about you’ll see it has many detractors.The phone comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities. The 128GB option is an anomaly, as Samsung’s decided not to offer the same on its Note 5 and Edge+ phablets.

    There’s not much difference between the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6. However, there is a curved display on the S6 Edge, which the phone uses to display additional information; for example, new mail or text notifications. The added functionality the Edge offers means it "edges" out the more conventional S6 as this list’s pick.Rating: 4/5

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