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    Although it’s the oldest phone (by about six months) and also one of the smaller devices on this list, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge packs high performance, the same image sensor as its larger cousins (the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+) with the added convenience of optical image stabilization. However, while previous models allowed for swappable batteries and expandable storage, Samsung’s decision to seal the device means that serious power users will have to look elsewhere for those features.

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge packs in an impressive amount of technology within its case. The most obvious is its screen, which is a gorgeous, 577 dots per inch screen that curves to the side. This additional real estate allows the Edge to display status updates like new emails or texts. It’s a unique device and something no other device features, maybe with the exception of its larger cousin the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

    At 5.1 inches the phones screen is considered to be one of the smaller devices out there, but for those looking for something that is easily pocketable, the S6 Edge is great device. Like its newer and larger counterparts from Samsung, the S6 Edge features a very well regarded 16 megapixel camera. It’s one of the best that can be found on any mobile device and arguably the best that can be found on an Android device by far

    The device also features optical image stabilization, a feature that Apple has yet to integrate into its smaller iPhone 6 and 6S models. OIS can help to ensure images that would be blurry or otherwise unusable are rendered sharp and clear. The S6 Edge can also output to the RAW image format, which is preferred among professionals and serious amateurs.

    A highly-regarded fingerprint scanner secures the device so only the verified user can access it. With more and more information carried on smartphones, good biometric security is becoming increasingly important with consumers. The device also takes advantage of Samsung Pay by allowing the use of its NFC chip for payments, as well as a magnetic secure transmission that emulates a swipe.

    The S6 Edge doesn’t allow access to the battery nor does it feature a microSD slot despite previous generations of the Galaxy line featured these options. Samsung’s move to a sealed enclosure has enraged a portion of its user base, though reviewers do remark that the change makes for a more visually pleasing device. The note comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities, although strangely the larger Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ phablets max out at 64GB.

    While the Galaxy S6 lacks the curved display and the additional alert options, it’s the same device as the S6 Edge. However, because of the Edge’s increased functionality, it receives our choice as one of the best smartphones currently available.Rating: 4/5

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