SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB CompactFlash Memory Card

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So what does SanDisk's flagship CompactFlash line bring to the table? How about chart-topping speed ratings for starters. The latest Extreme PRO CompactFlash delivers a rated 160MB/s read speed and an incredible 150MB/s write speed. But, since speed rating can simply be marketing speak for a rarely achieved burst speed, one can better trust the Video Performance Guarantee (VPG), which is a minimum write speed rating.

The Extreme PRO is rated at an astonishing VPG-65, which means this card reaches a minimum sustained write speed of 65MB/s. That's a phenomenal number and one that far surpasses all speed requirements of any application for which CompactFlash is currently used. The card also offers UDMA 7, the highest such transfer rating currently available on a memory card.

Contributing to the Extreme PRO's build is what SanDisk call RTV silicone coating. RTV silicone coating is a material injected into the card to help absorb physical shock and vibration. These cards are designed to take a beating, and good thing too since they will be asked to store sometimes irreplaceable files.

The Sandisk Extreme PRO CompactFlash card is one of the single most used memory cards among professionals and this is probably due to two reasons. First, CompactFlash has been the staple memory card type for professional-grade cameras and secondly, SanDisk is a highly respected memory card manufacturer. Regardless, the Sandisk Extreme PRO line is very popular and it's easy to see why. SanDisk make very high quality products with a focus on quality control and performance.

If you are looking for a memory card with breakneck speed, yet built to weather the rigors of a lifetime of use, look no further than the SanDisk Extreme PRO CompactFlash. There is no more trusted a CompactFlash memory card on the market.Rating: 4.75/5

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