Santellan Sounds Elek-Trix Varitone

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Expert Review

Santellan Sounds’ Elek-Trix varitone switch has been designed to bring out a new range of sounds for Fender Jazz and P-bass guitars. Installation is simple and requires no soldering; the Elek-Trix’s Terminal Block allows you to connect to your axe quickly and easily. The P-Bass version of this varitone switch provides four different settings to choose from, ranging from a dark vintage tone to a more bright and modern sound. The Jazz bass option offers similar modern and vintage sounds, as well as a blender control to create a mix of both sounds. Santellan stocks their gear with top-quality parts; the incorporation of elements from trusted brands such as Panasonic, Oak-Grigsby, and CTS have all been selected to ensure that your sound quality is never compromised.Rating: 4.25/5

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