Sanyo Eneloop NIMH Rechargeable AA Batteries

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    Made exclusively in Japan, the Sanyo Eneloop was the first rechargeable battery with low self-discharge characteristics, and is still the most commonly found brand today. The Eneloop batteries come pre-charged from the factory and function almost exactly like a standard alkaline battery in terms of use and shelf life; except that these are capable of being recharged over 1500 times without degradation in performance. They're also ideal for extreme temperature use in environments as low as -4 degrees. The 2000 mAh capacity is less than that of a standard single-use AA battery (while the "XX" version of the Eneloop have a 2500 mAh capacity); but the discharge characteristics between the NiMH rechargeables and typical alkalines allow for safe use in any appliance. These ratios stay pretty comparable in both the Eneloop and XX lines through the larger sizes as well. The Eneloops also have no memory effect, they can be fully recharged whether they are completely drained or have some partial charge remaining. So there's no need for a battery tester here, just plug them into the charger and you're all set.Rating: 5/5

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