Sapphire R9 FURY X 4G D5 Graphics Card

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Expert Review

Don’t be put off by the seemingly low amount of dedicated graphics memory on this model; it is a fantastic gaming video card. It has 4GB of RAM, but it is 4096-bit High Bandwidth Memory, which is designed to run significantly faster than even GDDR5. That means that while the amount might seem low at first, the speed and performance it offers is incredibly impressive. The core GPU clock speed on this card is 1050MHz and it has 4,096 Stream processors, which all comes together to give you the best performance you will find in an AMD video card. It has an HDMI port and three DisplayPort connectors that can support up to four monitors at once, with full HD3D and HD 4K resolution support. This model comes with a liquid-cooling system already installed onto it, which keeps it very cool even during intense PC gaming, but you do need to make sure it can fit your computer case.Rating: 4.75/5