Sassafras Ice Cream Maker

Expert Review

If you like both innovation and a touch of battery operated buttons, the Sassafras Ice Cream Maker is right for you. This ice cream maker produces two individual (and differently flavored if desired) servings and it does all while sitting comfortably in your freezer. Once the ingredients are added to the twin single serving bowls, a mix button is pushed and held to effectively blend everything together. The unit is them placed into a freezer, and the "freeze button" is pressed.

This is a timed mix cycle that mixes intermittently, until the ice cream freezes. Your freezer must be kept at about 25 degrees, or both the buttons and/or the mixing blades might freeze up. You'll never get more than a very soft serve this way, but except for replacing the 4 double A batteries, this is as close to a no-hassle ice cream maker as you can get. This ice cream maker is good for about 3 batches until the batteries need replacing.Rating: 4.25/5

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