Savage River D-3 Racing Canoe

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Expert Review

The D-3 by Savage River is the latest marathon racing canoe designed by John Diller. The D-1 has unmatched speed and handling while the professional grade Carbon/Kevlar combination layups over a foam core varying in weight from 24 to a stunningly lightweight 19 pounds. The D-1 features an exceptionally stable design with better balance and displacement than its predecessors.

This racing canoe has a unique asymmetrical design that tapers off sharply forward of the seat which allows the D-3 to pierce through wakes and choppy water with ease. At its greatest width of 32 inches, the canoe flares inward to deflect spray and keep the interior of the canoe dry. The self bailing pump that comes standard with the D-3 ensures a dry ride for the duration of the race, regardless of conditions.Rating: 4/5

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