Scarlet-x Red Dragon W/ Side SSD And Lens Mount

Expert Review

The Scarlet-X has all the specs one looks for in a modern digital cinema camera including wide dynamic range at 16.5 stops, 6K RAW Super 35mm sensor, up to 120 fps recording modes, and a modular design making it amenable to peripherals. Owning a camera of this quality for under $20,000 is worth the investment as RED continues to allow users to upgrade their products. For example, early Scarlet-X owners could upgrade to their 6K Dragon sensor when it was released in 2013. RED cameras also retain their resale value as seen with their RED One MX; released in 2006 and is still selling for $4,000 on average.

The only real downside is the workflow can be complicated for newer users and one must become familiar with the RED environment (Similar to say, adapting between a Mac and PC.) Also, many RED accessories are proprietary meaning you have to buy in to their technical ecosystem. This is a camera worth getting your hands on due to it being built with the latest technology and cinematic imaging in mind.Rating: 5/5

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