Seaton Sound Catalyst 12C Floor Standing Speaker

Expert Review

Seaton Sound is a very small company; you know youre working with a home-grown business when their product information is only available on their web forum. But dont be deceived: Seaton Sound produces some of the best speakers built today, period, and they truly have to be heard to be believed. The Catalyst 12Cs are easily some of the most dynamic speakers in production, and they reproduce both movie soundtracks and music with clarity normally reserved for speakers as much as ten times their price: they rival even the studio legend B&W 800Ds in terms of detail and separation, and sport a noticeably more dynamic and immediate sound. They sound more raw and real, and less polite, than anything made by Bower & Wilkins, and I think most people would prefer the sound of the Seatons, despite their lack of publicity outside the niche audiophile community. Their design is also incredibly versatile, allowing them to be used as floor speakers or center channels, and they can be placed and mounted in a variety of configurations due to their very simple design.

The other truly incredible feature of the Catalyst is its ability to play at high volumes. These speakers are capable of reaching literally deafening SPLs without breaking a sweat; in a smaller space, they could potentially do serious long-term damage if their full potential were to be unleashed. In fact, I dont imagine anyone has ever bothered to try to reach the Catalysts full potential; its simply unnecessary. I imagine these speakers could easily be used for an outdoor concert and never break a sweat, so long as they are fed sufficient power; the Catalysts do pull more juice than the JTR Noesis, which should be a consideration for anyone whose HT setup is already pushing the limits of their homes existing power supply. Short of this one drawback, the Catalyst 12cs are easy to recommend, and Im sure they will please anyone looking for absolutely top-notch home theater audio at an extremely reasonable price.Rating: 4.25/5

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