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    The Sekonic L-478D LiteMaster Pro Light Meter is Sekonic's first touchscreen light meter. It's loaded with useful features in a handy, easily accessible touch form-factor. This light meter features a retractable lumisphere for obtaining accurate readings even on flat surfaces. The L-478D offers an optional 5 spot meter attachment, as well. While this attachment doesn't allow you to spot meter down to 1, like a true spot meter should, it does give you a much smaller, more accurate spot than what is included in most cameras' built-in spot meters.

    Speaking of options, you can add a PocketWizard transmitter to the L-478D, there's a little compartment on the back it slots into, or you can pick up the L-478DR, which has the PocketWizard transmitter already installed. This allows the user to conveniently trigger PocketWizards from up to 100 feet directly from the light meter.
    The Sekonic L-478D(R) LiteMaster Pro has many cinema features already programmed in. If you need a light meter for video, you don't need to worry about upgrading or needing additional attachments, this light meter is ready for video shooting right out of the box.

    The display itself is 2.7" and full-color. Touchscreens are convenient and familiar to all smartphone users, but there might be issues with using them with gloves on, like when you're shooting pictures in colder climates. The touchscreen does come in handy for entering profile or filter factor information which could get tedious with dedicated hard buttons. The L-478D(R) LiteMaster Pro is fully compatible with Sekonic's DTS profiling software, too. You can create camera and lens profiles and store up to 11 of them in the unit.Rating: 4.75/5

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