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    Sekonic's name is synonymous with top quality light meters and the compnay has been at the forefront of light meter technology for over half a century. The L-758D is their top-of-the-line model and comes in a few flavors, one designed primarily for photographers (L-758D), one with an added PocketWizard trigger (L-758DR), and one with features geared towards video shooters (L-758Cine).

    The Sekonic L-758D DigitalMaster is so feature-laden that it just isn't practical to list them all here. Of course, it has a retractable lumisphere, the white dome-shaped sensor at the top of most handheld light meters. Lumisphere retractability provides two main benefits, by recessing the dome it protects bubble from damage during storage or travelling, and it also allows the dome slip into a mode for better gauging of light as it falls on flat subjects, like, for instance, an art painting. The L-758D also incorporates a 1 spot meter, perfect for reading light in a very small area of scene. Think of it like a scope on a rifle, you point it at your subject, pull the trigger and get a reading at the center of the reticle. Since it's a 1 spot meter it's a "true" spot meter. Cameras that have integrated spot meters many times are only capable of 15-20 spots, an area that is many times bigger and much less precise than the spot in the L-758D. Additionally, the spot meter is threaded so you can add a small filter, like a polarizer or warming filter, to simulate the same effect that filter has mounted on your camera, increasing the accuracy and usefulness of the exposure reading.

    Other notable features include flash percentages, so you can better see to what degree a flash is affecting your subject or scene. The L-758D also features what Sekonic calls EV (Delta Exposure Value), a mode for getting specific light ratios between more than one flash. The Sekonic L-758D also comes in a version with a PocketWizard radio built-in, the L-758DR DigitalMaster. This radio allows the light meter to talk directly to PocketWizards using that company's proprietary communication protocol, ControlTL. The user can trigger PocketWizards up to 100 feet away from this light meter, foregoing the need to run a cable from the light meter to a dedicated PocketWizard transmitter.

    You can also get the L-758D in a version suited for video, the Sekonic L-758Cine DigitalMaster. The L-758Cine adds continuous modes and exposure readings necessary for determining proper exposure for film and video, like switching the light meter into lux or foot-candles evaluations. All L-758's are built like tanks, even weather-sealed against the elements, and all are compatible with Sekonic's industry leading Data Transfer Software (DTS), allowing precise lens and camera hardware profiling, further increasing the light meters accuracy and repeatability. There is nothing on the market that rivals the Sekonic L-758D for features, dependability, customization, accuracy, and build quality.Rating: 5/5

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