Selmer Privilege Bass Clarinet 67

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Expert Review

Manufactured in France, the Selmer Paris Model 67 bass clarinet is designed for a beautiful tone appropriate for all types of bass clarinet playing in any size ensemble or solo. The key springs are made out of blue steel for improved key action while the instrument keys themselves are constructed of durable nickel silver with silver-plating adding a slight amount of weight to the bass clarinet for a full body sound. Additionally, the bell and neck of the instrument are silver-plated and the leather pads have added boosters for enabling better projection of sound.

Though the body of the bass clarinet is two pieces, requiring extra care during assembly, a two-piece body means a compact, easily transported carrying case. With overall improvements to key design and intonation from their previous model, the Selmer Paris Model 67 bass clarinet is a great (Though pricey) choice for the professional musician.Rating: 4.75/5

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