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The LSP 500 Pro is the definitive wireless PA system. It’s the perfect companion for traveling performers, motivational speakers, politicians, you name it. Basically anyone who does frequent public speaking and needs to set-up and take down their venue with ease should have a set of LSP 500s.

Perhaps the best thing about the LSP 500, apart from the sound, is the fact that it can be controlled entirely via iOS app. Volume levels, EQ bands, delay, effects, input sources; you name it, the app can handle it. You can even check levels on the dual replaceable batteries which, by the way, can be swapped out even while using the speakers in order to accommodate continuous charging (If that’s even necessary as a speaker can squeeze up to 8 hours out of each battery, and it holds two at a time).

Yes, these speakers are TRULY wireless. A single system of LSP 500s can consist of anywhere from 2 to 20 speakers, with a total of 3 wireless mic connections per system. It also features Bluetooth connectivity to accommodate the app controls, as well as wireless streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device.

The sound quality from the LSP 500 Pros is not HiFi quality, but it reproduces vocals well enough to be audible and clear. Performance will obviously vary depending on room size, acoustics, and the number of speakers used, but overall the quality is what we’ve come to expect from Sennheiser. Bass extension isn’t exactly top notch, but they do have some punch to them and the treble is smooth and detailed enough. Midrange clarity is good, and although detail is lacking enough to prevent these from replacing a real sound system, it should surpass the expectations of most users who intend the LSP 500s for use in conferences, talks, and lectures.

Keep in mind this isn’t a stereo system. Every speaker is reproducing the same sound which means no imaging or real soundstage making it less than ideal for musical enjoyment although its fine for a bit of background music for a presentation or intermission.

Overall there is little not to like about the LSP 500. It’s definitely a landmark product in the world of transportable audio and I’m sure it will make life easier for many an A/V guy on tour with public speakers. If you need a system for public venues or lecture halls and have to keep setup hassle to a minimum, the LSP 500 Pro is the way to go. Rating: 4/5

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