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    Lets get this out of the way: if you want the highest fidelity wireless headphone currently available, this is it. There really is no competition for the RS220 at the moment; the RS180 does an admirable job of delivering excellent sound at a reasonable price, but compare the two side by side, and you will know which one is the flagship. Other headphones in this review that sound good might come close to, or even match, the levels of refinement exhibited by the RS180, but the RS220 is simply in a different league in terms of detail, the size of its soundstage, and overall coherency and realism. It comes admirably close to its wired cousins, the HD600 and HD650, providing a similarly balanced, warm sound with the familiar spacious Sennheiser open-back presentation that adds so much depth and realism, especially compared to closed cans. The RS220 gets even more sound quality points for its ability to be used as a wired headset for additional gains in bass definition and detail. The RS220 charges automatically while on the stand, another thoughtful feature that demonstrates the attention to detail and desire to make everything perfect that puts this can a cut above the rest. While Sennheiser quotes the range of the RS220 at 100 feet indoors and 300 feet in line-of-sight, in reality its usable range is closer to 30 feet indoors and perhaps 100 feet in line-of-sight; beyond these ranges, sound tends to cut out or decrease noticeably in quality, which should be a serious consideration for anyone spending this much money on headphones. However in practice, this is typically enough for comfortable use in most homes. Please remember that the RS220 is an open headphone, and as such does not block external noise in any way. On the whole there is really nothing not to like about the RS220, except perhaps the price, and thankfully it can be found substantially below MSRP. The bottom line: if you want the best of the best, get the RS220.Rating: 5/5

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