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    The SE846 is arguably the most detailed, realistic, and musical universal-fit earphone currently available. It is a large earphone; those with small ears may want to look elsewhere.

    The SE846's quad-driver balanced armature configuration produces what is easily the fullest, most natural and realistically textured reproduction of bass frequencies, making kick drums sound open and powerful, and 808s and other synthesized bass tones really rumble in a way that no other earphone can quite match. It's midrange is sweet and mostly neutral, taking an inoffensive tone while never masking detail, which gives vocals a very full, immediate presence without ever seeming "shouty" or too forward. Its treble presence is smooth and extended, offering plenty of sparkle and simmer when called for, but never offending the earphone's natural, rich tone.

    These characteristics can be altered moderately using the SE846's filter-based tuning system, which accentuate either the bass or treble response in relation to the stock (blue) configuration; those using the earphones for monitoring purposes may prefer the "bright" filters (white), which reduce bass volume and give the earphones a more neutral sound, while those listening to modern electronic, pop, or hip-hop music may prefer the warm (black) filters for added bass response and an even richer tone.

    With its thick, replaceable cable and adjustable filter tuning system, the SE846 is easily the most versatile earphone on the market, built both to last and appeal to nearly any listening style. Those in search of the best of the best, look no further.Rating: 5/5

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