Silky ZUBAT 330 Hand Saw

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Expert Review

This is a new saw model from Silky, a Japanese manufacturer, adding a longer saw to their lineup. The blade of this saw is chrome-plated to resist rust, which leads me to believe that it's high carbon steel or tool steel; otherwise, it would not need the chrome plating to protect the blade. The teeth provide four cutting angles for maximum speed in cutting and we're looking at a 330 mm blade here which makes the saw 13-inches long. The blade is also full tang, ensuring it can't break away from the handle during use. Rubberized handles help you maintain your grip and the hardened sheath can either be hung from your belt or strapped to your thigh. The blade itself is replaceable, allowing you to reuse the grips and sheathe if you ever need to replace it.Rating: 5/5