Singh-Ray 77mm George Lepp 2-Stop Thin Neutral Density Filter

Singh-Ray 77mm George Lepp 2-Stop Thin Neutral Density Filter Add to MyBests

Expert Review

Based in Florida, Singh-Ray has long been a provider of top quality photographic filters. In fact, they’re the pioneers that brought graduated neutral density filters to market that are now so popular among landscape photographers. The George Lepp 2-Stop Thin neutral density filter offers many of the performance features of Singh-Ray's very expensive slide-in square filters, but in a more manageable screw-on form-factor. This manufacturer’s neutral density performance is legendary and this filter delivers on that reputation.

Singh-Ray's George Lepp Thin neutral density filters use a brass ring to help prevent jamming, but do not have front threads for stacking other filters in front of it. By eliminating the front threads Singh-Ray claims you can achieve a wider field of view before vignetting. You can still stack, just be aware that this filter will only work on the top-most of the stack. This is generally never a problem for solid neutral density filters as they are most conveniently added last on the stack anyway.

This filter is not made of glass, but instead manufactured from optical resin. This is the same material prescription glasses are made of, so expect it to scratch in the same manner. Also, the George Lepp neutral density filters are not coated against flair. This is important since shooting with a bright light source somewhere in the frame may cause this filter to flair significantly more than its multi-coated competitors. It is Singh-Ray's philosophy to not add anything to the optical path that is not absolutely critical, and they are of the opinion that coatings are not critical. What you do get is one of the most copied neutral density formulas on the market.Rating: 4.75/5

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