Singh-Ray 77mm Thin LB Warming Circular Polarizer

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Singh-Ray have long been one of the most respected brands in photographic filters. Professionals around the world rely on Singh-Ray filters for their exceptional optic quality and no-nonsense approach to design, build-quality, and features.

Apart from their popular neutral circular polarizers, Singh-Ray also make a warming version that adds a touch of warmth to the image, like a kiss of sunlight. Most neutral circular polarizers tend to cool the image a bit, upping the blue intensity a bit. To counter this phenomenon, this filter adds a bit of red and yellow so the skin of a portrait subject may appear more flush and full of life. You might think that you could accomplish a similar effect in post-processing, and you would be right. However, consider that spending more of your time behind a camera and less time in front of a computer is chicken soup for the soul. This filter might let you get the color you want at the point of capture without having to take the time to fiddle with color sliders after-the-fact.

The Singh-Ray Thin Warming Circular Polarizer is made in America of the finest optical glass and is ringed with brass. This thin polarizer has low profile brass rings, so they don't bind as easy as aluminum rings, but the rings are so thin that they do not have front threads for stacking. So if you need to use more than one filter at a time, this filter can only be on the top-most of the stack.

In keeping with Singh-Ray's philosophy, this filter is not coated against flare, so be mindful when there are bright objects in or near the field of view. Your lens' hood is all the more important with this filter.

Rating: 4/5

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