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Expert Review

SKB has been making cases for over thirty years for everything from drums to archery equipment. Their hard drum cases are very durable and offer the highest level of protection. While these cases are very sturdy all around, I find them particularly solid on the top and bottom. This is important because drums are usually stacked vertically on top of one another. When using my own SKB cases, I have no fear of their weight affecting the drums during vertical storage.

The hard cases are mostly indestructible and have a foam lining covered with fabric which effectively protects the foam from wear and tear. The cases have heavy-duty handles, well-made straps, and solid buckles. They also feature a molded design on top that keeps them secure when stacking them on top of other SKB cases. SKB cases are a bit more expensive than other cases, but they offer an unparalleled level of protection. Each case is also guaranteed with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, something which is pretty rare for the consumer to find these days.Rating: 5/5

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