Snap-On 9600GSBO Complete US Tool Set

Expert Review

Snap-On has long been recognized as the leader in Professional Mechanics tools. Mechanics are well willing to pay the high prices for their more than 19,000 tools because of their reputation for reliability and their excellent warranty since 1920. With more than 4,000 mobile sales reps, they’ll bring the replacement right to the mechanic’s shop.This is probably the nee-plus-ultra in mechanics tool sets, including over 1,000 tools, packed in a huge roller cabinet with side box and top box. There's also a wall cabinet, with an extensive pulley and gear puller set included in it; Snap-on even provides you with a creeper! While few would have the money to actually buy this set outright, anyone who could would be guaranteed to have everything they need for all standard mechanic work. Even so, there are many additions that could be made, filling up any left-over space in the chest and top box. If you're getting into Formula 1 racing and have the money, this is the set to buy.Rating: 5/5

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