Soda Maker Water Carbonator Cap Home Brewing Carbonation System

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    If you’re into home brewing, or just need versatility for carbonating any beverage, consider the CarbaCap Carbonation System. This unique carbonation system needs to be supplied with a CO2 tank that’s connected to a pressure valve, which can be found at virtually any home brewing supply store or on-line. Bulk CO2 is inexpensive compared to the packaged cans that come with other soda makers, and this little cap will screw on to virtually any 1 liter, 2 liter or any bottle with those standardized threads.

    Add any flavoring you like (from packaged soft drink mixes or even real fruit juice) screw on the cap and carbonate until your desired pressure/carbonation is reached. You can carbonate virtually anything, including commercially made soda that has gone flat. This is the simplest and easiest pick listed here, provided you supply the bulk CO2 bottle and the valve to regulate the pressure. But for a versatility in carbonation that is unmatched, the CarbaCap Carbonation System rocks, and it comes covered by a lifetime guarantee.Rating: 4.5/5

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