SodaPlus SP76327 Soda Carbonating Starter Kit

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    For single serving carbonated beverages, the SodaPlus SP76327 Soda Carbonating Starter Kit is easy and effective to use. You’ll need to use only the proprietary bottles made for this unit, which is why the SodaPlus is considered a single serving. Pour a liquid into the bottle, add the flavor of your choice, from soft drinks to flat soda, and attach an 8 gram CO2 cartridge to the top. Shake the bottle and the CO2 will infuse the liquid. One cartridge is good per serving but you can use two cartridges for extra fizz. This appliance will carbonate virtually any liquid you pour into the bottle, from wine to cider, flat soda or any flavor packet you choose to add. The 1.2 liter bottle can be resealed and placed in the fridge to be consumed later.Rating: 4.25/5

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