Solution-D Digital Cardioid Handheld Microphone

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Neumann has long been a phenomenal option for all things microphone, and with their Solution D condenser mic, the company takes a bold step into the digital realm. When you pick up the Solution D, you’re actually getting three separate elements: the mic itself, a digital microphone interface, and remote control software that allows you to tweak microphone functions such as low-cut filter, polar response, pre-attenuation, and more. The mic’s A/D converter eliminates the need for preamplifiers and external A/D converters, which not only saves costs on additional equipment, but also does a fine job at improving the range and response of the mic itself. Best of all, changes and settings to the microphone’s operational status can be saved and recalled at a later point, creating a built-in rig of go-to settings that can be used for future sessions.Rating: 4/5

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