Sonic Boom SBB500ss Sonic Bomb Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock

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Sonic Alert has a whole line of clocks with powerful alarms, but the SBB500ss Sonic Bomb is definitely among the best of the bunch. Capable of outputting 113 decibels, this alarm is ear-piercing enough to wake up any heavy sleeper, and it comes with fully adjustable volume and tone controls to customize the sound from a high-pitch to a low, dull wail. Either way, it'll wake you up quick. There are other customizable facets to it as well you have the option of setting the snooze time from one minute all the way to a half hour before the shrieking torment begins anew and you can even set the duration of time the alarm will sound. So you can adjust it to sound for one whole minute before shutting off, all the way up to a full hour, so there's no way it will shut off on its own unless you actually do so. This feature is good for those folks who can't hear the alarm at first and the continued sound will eventually make its way into their subconscious.

The bed-shaking pad isn't called "Super Shaker" for nothing, vibrating violently enough to wake up anyone still breathing. For those mornings where your significant other wants to sleep in, you can set the alarm to just shake instead of also sounding off. An additional plus Sonic Alert knows how great this clock is, and in case something goes wrong with it, they offer a one-year warranty on the unit.Rating: 4.25/5

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