Sonos Multi-Room System

Expert Review

Sonos is a Los Angeles-based firm which has exploded onto the market making full-home audio a very achievable, even simple luxury. Using your home wifi network and room controllers to connect any combination of speakers you choose, Sonos accomplishes this feat with the press of a few simple buttons versus a process which once involved knocking down walls and rewiring an entire home.

A full-home Sonos system can get pretty pricey, especially if you go in for at least one full 5.1 setup; the Sub and Playbar alone will put you back $700 apiece. But between the seamless multi-room connectivity, compatibility with Android and iOS devices with a wide range of options for streaming, and a rich, extremely pleasing sound, it’s hard to complain about price. After all, this is cutting edge audio technology we’re dealing with.

Speaking of the sound, I’m sure many hobbyists and audiophiles will be wary of any system being marketed primarily on its wireless virtues, or anything other than sound quality alone. Fear not, while Sonos can’t play in the same ballpark as summit-fi manufacturers like Focal or Bowers and Wilkins, a room full of Sonos speakers will do justice to your music. While it won’t reveal the most minute details full-blooded audiophiles spend tens of thousands to hear, it actually sounds on-par with most wired systems in the same price range.

I wouldn’t say it’s a bargain on sound alone but it’s definitely better than any other product in its class and there are no really noticeable flaws. It might be a bit thumpy for the electrostat crowd but average listeners and enthusiasts alike will be able to appreciate the Sonos Sub’s tight bass response and the speakers’ full, thick note presentation. The 5.1’ system (Sub, Playbar, and two Play 3 speakers) even produces a rather immersive soundscape when configured properly, and it takes a discerning ear to hear the real differences in comparison to a similarly priced traditional 5.1.

Sonos has designed a truly revolutionary product with their full-home audio concept, and I’m sure many more competing products will surface in the coming years. For now, Sonos sits comfortably atop the market it created, producing bar none the best sounding fully wireless home audio system. Rating: 4.25/5

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