SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music

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Sonos is undoubtedly the current king of the hill when it comes to wireless multi-room digital music systems, with their wildly popular lineup of products. The Sonos Play:3 is their medium-sized speaker, and with a price tag around $300, it makes a good entry point to creating a larger multi-room set up.
This wireless speaker can be used either by connecting it directly to your home router (any additional Sonos speakers would then connect wirelessly to the hardwired unit), or by purchasing the Sonos Bridge (around $50) to create a dedicated and robust network for your entire Sonos system.

The Play:3 is simple to set up, with the option of setting up the unit vertically or horizontally on its side. Set up requires downloading the free Sonos App onto your smartphone/tablet/PC which allows for control of every room with a Sonos speaker from any of the devices with the installed app. The Play:3 can play music from up to 16 devices (directly from iTunes on your PC, for example), and also comes with pre-loaded Internet radio and streaming music sources such as Pandora.

It’s important to note your phone or tablet doesn’t need to be the audio source as it can be used simply as the controller, via the app. Sound quality is excellent for casual listening, with three custom drivers and dedicated amplifiers to create sound that fills the room. The Sonos Play:3 offers good connectivity for both iOS and Android devices alike, making for an excellent starting point to building a multi-room system.Rating: 5/5

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