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    Sonos is a brand that markets primarily on convenience, and their products do exactly what they advertise, which is to produce very reasonable sound quality with an extremely easy wireless setup. While most wireless systems involve a bit of tinkering to get up and running, Sonos’s system is as simple as they come, and anyone with a bit of electronic know-how should be able to get the Sonos Sub up and running without much fuss. The Sonos Bridge connects to a WiFi router to transmit signal throughout your home, and the sub just needs to be plugged in and added via your controller of choice, typically a smartphone with the Sonos Controller app. Once connected, the Sonos Sub offers 6 levels of bass response which can be customized based on your room size and personal preference; while the -3 level offers suitable response for a smaller den or master bedroom, the +3 setting will rattle walls and windows in anything less than a large home theater or open floorplan living room. It’s not true hifi bass; those who have owned $500+ subwoofers in the past will notice that the deepest subbass notes below 30hz are missing, beginning to run out of steam at around 45hz, and most of the emphasis comes in above 80hz, making the Sonos Sub a bit tubby in its bass presentation, but those who don’t have experience with serious HiFi components will doubtless be awed with the great response offered by the Sonos Sub.

    Anyone with a decent budget looking for solid sound quality and the possibility of expanding their new system into multiple rooms without the hassle of tearing down drywall should definitely consider the Sonos Sub and its matching components. In fact, given that a compromise in sound quality is inherent in all wireless audio tech, the Sonos Sub may just be the smartest choice of all: it is not the best sounding of the lot, but it is the easiest to use, has by far the most features including adjustable bass response, and integrates easily with a relatively affordable, fully wireless system that can be dispersed throughout an apartment or even medium-sized house... and controlled from a smartphone to boot!Rating: 4.5/5

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