Sony DVP CX777ES 400-Disc CD Changer

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    The DVP CX777ES is definitely a stand-out product, even before its sound comes into the picture. While 100-200 disc CD changers have ceased to be a novelty since the late '90s, Sony stands alone as the only company willing to build a 300 and 400 disc changers, and among these, the CX777 easily delivers the best sound quality. Anyone with a massive CD collection who wants nothing so much as to avoid the hassle of jewel cases being broken and paper inserts getting lost or torn should give Sony's flagship high-capacity changer a shot: while niche products typically leave sound quality by the wayside in favor of functionality and (unintentionally) complicated interfaces, the CX777 delivers a clean, neutral sound that lacks a little bass, but overall sounds more than acceptable. The sonic image is not the widest, nor the deepest, but transients are respectable and while the sound can be a touch thin for bookshelf speakers alone, adding in a subwoofer fills out the lows and yields a surprisingly musical and detailed sound. It can sound a bit bright at times; if you have any other bright components in your chain, steer clear. Despite offering SACD capability, it will never compete with the offerings from NAD, Denon, and Onkyo no matter what system it sources, but for what it is, the CX777 delivers respectable sound and assures that listeners need not fuss over changing discs beyond the press of a button.Rating: 4.25/5

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